Three Trees

Three Trees “Sanguine”, Oil on Canvas Board, 14” X 10”

Three Trees Sanguine Art by Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz
Three Trees Sanguine Art by Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

Three proud, barren trees, limbs outstretched, are the focal point of this painting. There is a fence on the left side of the drawing. It is not clear what the fence encloses, are the trees within its boundary or beyond the fence? That is for you, the viewer to determine.

The rich and fertile background is in direct contrast to the forefront of the painting. Yet, there are signs of life awakening within the pale green tones of the foreground. Notice also the play of warm green tones to the right of the trees, signaling a new cycle of vegetation and life.

Furthermore, if one looks carefully and closely at the trees, one can see strokes of sienna and deep umber brown regaining prominence. These tufts of color herald a gentle rebirth.