Clump of Trees Landscape Painting

A Clump of Trees Landscape: Watercolor and Gouache on Paper, 9.5″x6.75″

Clump Of Trees Artwork By Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz
Clump Of Trees Artwork By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

One afternoon I was out and about when I came upon a clump of trees with trunks and foliage dense and blended they seemed so enmeshed that I could not distinguish between them. I tried to capture the strength of the trees with different colors using strong and light strokes some of which are disconnected. The tones of greenery are fused as well, while in contrast the clump of trees stand out and separate from their background.

I was so glad I had decided that day to take a few watercolors and a couple of brushes with me! I did a quick sketch and continued the work in my studio.

I really enjoyed seeing and painting this little family of life standing alone in the open landscape