The Me Series

"The Me Series" - Self Portrait Series Ink Drawings

In these ink drawings each strand of hair represents the artist’s endless stream of thoughts, while each face depicts one facet of her personality. For example: Patience, loving, inclusion, sadness, beauty, frustration, and anger are all definable aspects that make up the artist and are exhibited in her art. At times, the lines are continuous, sometimes they overlap, yet other lines are incomplete. Nevertheless, all the lines come together to create a multidimensional feel where the artist and her art flow. Thereby, her work transcends the physical in order to recognize the importance of energies from other realms. Thus, bringing awareness and influence that touch us on an emotional level.

  • Erupting Thoughts

    Erupting Thoughts Ink Sketch “This is me with erupting thoughts. Often I have too many ideas running around simultaneously in my head. As they become entangled, I put some down on paper while others try to get my attention like a sharp moving charge of electricity.” ~ Ednah Sarah Schwartz.

  • My Diverse Emotions

    My Diverse Emotions Ink Pen On Paper “I must find a way to facilitate order. I will gather all of my divergent selves , my diverse emotions, and the various facets of who I am. There must be an open sincere dialogue between all of my parts and my mind to ensure that in time my contemplation and reflections will…

  • Controlling My Thoughts

    Controlling My Thoughts – Ink Sketch “Oh my God – all my thoughts and ideas are engulfing me! They just won’t leave. I can physically feel the pressure. They are taking over. I’m not able to control them” ~ Ednah Schwartz.

  • We Will All Get Along Together

    We Will All Get Along Together – Ink Sketch “I managed to call a truce. We now have an agreement. I will keep all my thoughts and ideas close on hand and I will deal with them slowly as time allows. Some I will share, others I will tuck away into a spare fold in my brain – for future…

  • Art By Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz

    My Diverse Self

    My Diverse Self – Ink Sketch “There are many different Me’s, some are distinctly dissimilar. Parts of me overlap and tag along as I slip into a different role or facet of my being. However, they are all parts of my diverse self” ~ Ednah Sarah Schwartz