The Good Fence

The Good Fence: Oil on Canvas Painting, 30” x 20”

Painting Of The Good Fence By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz
Painting Of The Good Fence By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

Throughout the years the Israeli Lebanese border has seen many changes and up until 1970 this border was relatively quiet. Additionally, the Good Fence refers to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and its construction coincided with the beginning of the civil war in Lebanon in 1976. The Good Fence symbolized cooperation and many Lebanese found employment opportunities and free medical help in Israel and crossed this border daily. Sadly, the Good Fence ceased to exist when Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000.

Since then, Hezbollah has kicked out the peace-loving Lebanese from villages along the border and took over command in the region. On the Israeli side a wall was erected, and we could go up one last time to what used to be the Good Fence. Military buildings of the YAKAL (Liaison Unit to Lebanon) along the border and in Metula were abandoned and now stand crumbling. Aunt Mary’s a place, where soldiers and visitors bought their snacks, now is rusty and collapsing. The Good Fence that used to see so much traffic and life is now desolate and home to rampant weeds.

In this painting I portray the decay of the Good Fence and its dilapidated tarnished ruins. I also conveyed the feeling of grief, missed opportunities, destruction, and loss which I felt as I gazed on the Good Fence for what may be the very last time.