A Winter’s Evening in Lebanon

A Winter’s Evening in Lebanon: Oil on Canvas, 28” x 20”

Winter Evening In Lebanon Painting by Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz
Winter Evening In Lebanon Painting by Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

The night sky dances and comes alive as evening descends on the hills of Lebanon. Muted moonlight pierces the darkness and bathes the landscape in beautiful, softened hues. The lush greens are reminiscent of the abundance of summer and a reminder that winter brings blessings of rain and renewal.

Ednah uses light transforming the colors of the countryside. It seems as though the view is kissed by the moon. This technique gives the entire painting a glow that can only be seen when day gives way to night. Short brushstrokes in the sky give the painting an image of movement. A large part of this work is taken up by the sky, which amplifies the impression of vastness. The color blending of the mountains adds to the notion of distance and space. The remnants of summer greens combine with the fall colors that signal a time of peace and rest across the gentle rolling landscape.

The partially diffused colors of the sky and land give the painting an ambience of strength and energy. The painting celebrates the beauty of the landscape and winter as a time of reflection and earth’s recuperation.