Windows: Oil on Canvas, 16.5” x 9.75”

Windows - Oil Painting By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz
Windows – Oil Painting By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

There is much more below the surface of this painting than the simple name would imply. The bright pinks set against warmer reds, oranges, and yellows captures the essence of memories and remembrances of the past. It is as if each window represents a glimpse into a thought or memory in the world of the artist.

The windows are indicated through purposeful strokes of the palette knife. It never gives a clear view of what lies beyond. The rendering of the wall surrounding the windows is done in such a way that it gives it a feeling of age and the passage of time. Both the windows and the surrounding wall show signs that they have a story to tell and have borne witness to the creation of many memories over time.

The use of pinks, whites, and vivid yellows lightens the mood of the painting and gives it a feeling of hope. Bright light streams through the windows and transforms the wall in a way that makes the room feel vibrant and airy. This painting would complement a room that uses the warmer shades of the spectrum. It could also serve as a juxtaposition for a palette that uses cooler colors as well. This versatile painting could be just the right finishing touch to a number of interior design concepts