The Southern Golan Heights

The Southern Golan Heights, Oil on Canvas 28” X 19.5”

The Full View Of The The Southern Part Of The Golan Heights By Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz
The Southern Part Of The Golan Heights By Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

The Kinneret has always been a major focal point in this country and the water gauge is monitored religiously. It is from here that water is siphoned off through the Movil Ha’Artzi (the national water system) to irrigate arid sections of the country. The Kinneret (The Sea Of Galilee) water level has been a major news item for many years and as levels rose this past year I together with the rest of the population felt pure joy to know that the lake and we are safe!

Our border with Syria today enables the country to assure us all that water will be provided and farmers allowed to work the land in peace. Syrian attacks on civilians at the foot of the
mountains and on farmers working in the fields is well documented prior to Israel annexing The Heights.

In Israel we have a very long sea coast bordering the Mediterranean and we are blessed with ONE natural sweet water lake, the Kinneret. People in this country love their “water time, sweet or salty!” We feel safe knowing that we are no longer easy targets to be picked off whenever Syria so wishes. The buffer zone definitely protects and maintains a high level of security in the region.

In this painting I want to share with you the strong and majestic feeling of the southern Golan. The lines are not blended or soft because I want you to feel how powerful the mountains are as they cradle and secure those who walk beneath them. I want you to know that the Kinneret can be home to any person of any denomination and that children can roam freely. It is a wonderful feeling to know “I Am Safe” from being shot at and I have enough water to survive!