The Golan Heights in Winter

The Golan Heights in Winter: Acrylic on Canvas Board, 9” x 12”

The Golan Heights In Winter Painting by Israeli Artist Ednah Schwartz
The Golan Heights In Winter Painting by Israeli Artist Ednah Sarah Schwartz

A winter storm brews and the wind swirls the snows, obscuring the view of the majestic Golan Heights in the distance. The gray tones in the sky and throughout the snow convey a sense of solitude. Even though storm brews outside, and one can almost feel the cold winds whipping, one is reminded of the warmth from a cozy vantage point inside.

The artist used a short, quick brushstrokes to convey motion. The strokes through the snow in the bottom of page are oriented in the same direction, creating a sense of wind blowing the snow across the painting. Some of the snows churn as if whipped by the winds. The use of cool colors enhances the feeling of the painting and almost makes you able to feel the chill in the air.
The mountains in the distance can barely be made out in the turbulence of the storm. Yet, they still remain, solid and majestic. The gray clouds swirl overhead, whipping this way and that. The storm touches everything, obscuring it from sight so that only the storm remains in the field of vision. You know that there is beauty in the distance, but it cannot be seen again until the storm passes.

Someday, the storm will pass and again you will be able to see the beautiful mountains and fields. In this way the artist managed to give the painting a temporal quality and convey a larger meaning than this landscape would at first suggest. This piece captures the essence of the storm and its ability to transform what the mind’s eye sees. It is a truly beautiful piece of work that is full of depth and character.